Friday, June 13, 2003, 08:23 p.m.

gossip is the art of saying nothing in a way that leaves practically nothing unsaid

do not repeat anything you will not sign your name to

I have been quiet long enough. This abuse from uneducated, unintelligent juveniles must come to an end. I appreciate all the shallow comments I received since the discovery of my online journal by the delinquents of Mountain Pointe High School. Good job, you can surf the internet, but apparently you can't read because I wrote about all those "two-namers" more than a year ago. Oh, and if you read a little closer you might be able to see that I received all the information from Jessica Olsen. Yes, she may talk crap about me now, but we were friends at the time of that post and she is my only source for the information I wrote about so long ago. She has now come to dislike me for some reason; I guess she decided to believe the very people she was complaining about when they told her I had a death treat with her name on it. Sure you saw it Jessica, where is it? I was trying to be the bigger person and keep my mouth shut, but it has come to a point where my silence is beginning to suffocate me. I wrote that entire entry to support you and Jon's relationship, and somehow you can turn it into a death threat? I know you must have just heard it from those inherently basic friends that you "couldn't stand," because there is nothing on this site that I wrote that could even come close as a threat to anyone's life. The only thing similar is something written by a random person from the internet named "teeter" or something of that sort. I have no ability to censor the guest book entries I receive. If someone was stupid enough to write any threatening material on my site, that's their problem, not mine. The police even checked it out, because I am obviously so scary with my kill list all over this fruity website. If you a reading this I hope you can better understand this entry than the one you so love to hate, because then maybe you will realize what an idiot you have been to blame something on me that was really a result of one of your own. Yeah, I had a lot of respect for Jessica too, before she decided to believe the lying morons that told her I had pictures of her saying I wanted to kill her. Go ahead, be mad at me for something I wrote over a *year* ago. I was a very different person then, I hope you've learned a few lessons and grown since April of last year. Now, my main position would have been the same; supporting my then friend's choice of a boy over a clique from the story that came out of her mouth, but I would have done one thing different. I wouldn't have used specific names. I admit that was wrong, and so those of you who's names are mentioned have every right to be upset with me. However, those of you that were not specifically identified need to shut the fuck up. I said nothing directly to you, and if you decide to take offense to it and twist my words around in lying gossip, you are no better than that obtuse being that wrote about wanting to shoot people. I thought I finished this journal months ago, but I can no longer be silent to all this ridicule and stupidity. There, I gave you an explanation. Do what you will with it, but hopefully our paths will never again cross. Feel free to use a dictionary for the many words I'm sure you do not understand; it may help expand your extremely limited vocabulary. At least I have the decency to attach my name to the opinions I give. Grow a spine.

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Monday, November 25, 2002, 11:43 a.m.

i quit

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